[6] A Newfound World

After winter’s thaw, two young sisters muddied their sneakers as they hiked through the woods. One halted. “Forests are like libraries,” she whispered. “Why?” the other asked. “They’re quiet. And you can learn a lot here.” They walked on, fascinated by this newfound world — this beautiful discovery in their backyard.

Medium and Microfiction

I write a fair amount of content over on Medium.com. Admittedly, I used to post more work during 2019, but I still create weekly writing prompts over at The Friday Fix – and serve as the editor of the publication. Recently, the publication has been receiving over fifty prompt-based stories on a weekly basis, andContinue reading “Medium and Microfiction”

Two Recent Acceptances

Good news! I recently had two of my flash fiction stories accepted. “The World is Ending and I Forgot My Grocery List” will be published over at Free Flash Fiction later this month. I’m happy the story found a home. I’m even more excited about my story, “Charlie”. It has been accepted at Emerge LiteraryContinue reading “Two Recent Acceptances”