[23] Sewn Shut

“His eyes are sewn shut,” Marc whispered. “Don’t move. He’ll hear you.” The three boys quieted as the monster crept through the woods. Tree branches snapped. Leaves rustled. Silence. “Raaa!” The monster jumped out and tried to devour the others. “Get back to base!” Marc exclaimed, inhaling sweet summer air.

[18] Googling

“Freddie?” Mrs. Price asked. The young boy picked his head up off the desk. “Yeah?” “I was hoping you could tell me the capital of New York.” Freddie rolled his eyes. “Albany.” “South Dakota?” “Pierre.” “Alaska?” “Juneau.” Mrs. Price tilted her head. “Been studying?” “Nope, just Googling. It’s way faster.”

“New Attendance Codes” has been published by The Daily Drunk Magazine

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m a little late getting around to posting this, but I wanted to share another publication update. The Daily Drunk Magazine published my hybrid flash fiction story “New Attendance Codes” on Christmas Eve. I was excited to add this to my list of publications for 2020. I wrote “New Attendance Codes”Continue reading ““New Attendance Codes” has been published by The Daily Drunk Magazine”