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[23] Sewn Shut

“His eyes are sewn shut,” Marc whispered. “Don’t move. He’ll hear you.” The three boys quieted as the monster crept through the woods. Tree branches snapped. Leaves rustled. Silence. “Raaa!” The monster jumped out and tried to devour the others. “Get back to base!” Marc exclaimed, inhaling sweet summer air.

[22] The Lighter

In September Mr. Rodriguez caught Tre with a lighter in the boys’ bathroom. He confiscated it. Tre challenged him all year. He interrupted his lessons — even got into a shouting match. One day in June, Tre held out his hand. “Thanks, man.” Mr. Rodriguez pulled his student into a hug.

[21] Tammy Two-Socks

When Tammy Two-Socks turned seven years old, she finally stopped sucking her thumb. “Thank the Lord,” her father said, tired of sending the poor kid off to bed with socks on her hands. Before he had a moment’s peace, his son growled and came into view, crawling on all fours.

[20] The Question

He knew she would say yes. She would say yes…right? When he asked her on a moonlit beach, minutes from their shoddy apartment, the response was muted by crashing waves — completely muffled by the powerful sea.  Later, alone, they twirled in the blackened night, their only witnesses the stars.


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Hi, I’m Justin. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m a teacher and writer who lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York. On this page you’ll find updates regarding my novels, original microfiction, and other writing-related projects.


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