[13] An Early Arrival

“When did he get here?” the taller of the two men asked, pulling a hefty book off the shelf.

“A few minutes ago.”

“How’d he go?”

“Plane, small-engine.”

“Shit. All alone?”

The shorter man nodded. “Yep.”

“The fool — he’s early. Look.” He pointed at Gregory Donahue, D.O.D. — May 28th, 2064.

Friday Fix Fiction: The Next Chapter Begins

At long last, I’m excited to announce the launch of Friday Fix Fiction, a standalone, online literary journal devoted to fifty-word microfiction. If you enjoyed reading or writing for The Friday Fix over on Medium, I hope you’ll consider taking a look at the new publication.

The overall concept is the same, but the model is a bit different. Instead of posting weekly prompts, a monthly theme will be shared, and accepted stories will appear on the last Friday of every month. My goal is to publish twelve issues for 2021. Each issue will publish up to twenty stories.

Here are some of my other long and short-term goals for Friday Fix Fiction:

  • Publish high-quality fiction alongside captivating photography.
  • Select a “featured” story for each issue.
  • Accept photography submissions for the cover of each issue, as well as the featured story.
  • Become a paying market. My first objective will be to pay the featured writer.
  • Host one or two annual contests with payouts for first, second, and third place. (Guest judges, too.)
  • Have two annual “mega” issues in June and December that either includes contest submissions or original stories.
  • Build an inclusive community that is accepting of all members.
  • Accept and promote the work of both emerging and experienced writers.
  • Create annual print anthologies, showcasing some of the best submissions from the year.

I won’t ramble on. Head on over to fridayfixfiction.com to get a feel for the new layout, submission process, and to scope out the site. Feel free to leave some feedback or ideas below, if you’d like. And please spread the word!

I hope to see your stories roll in soon. More importantly, I hope you’re excited. I know I am.

Wishing you all the best,


[12] Nothing Happened

Davey wandered barefoot along the abandoned railroad tracks behind his family’s trailer — almost stepped on a busted bottle of Jack.

He walked until he stumbled upon an old, engraved sign in the woods:

On August 17th, 1819, in this exact location, nothing happened.

Davey snorted — almost laughed — then headed home.

“Charlie” has been published by Emerge Literary Journal

Good news!

On December 6th, my short story “Charlie” was published by Emerge Literary Journal in their sixteenth issue. I am grateful to have been included with so many other excellent writers.

“Charlie” originated from a Writer’s Digest photo prompt. I never ended up submitting my story to the magazine (missed the deadline, oops), but I used the prompt as a starting point for what would ultimately become “Charlie”. The photo depicted a young boy in a field of sunflowers, a smile stretching wide across his face. I studied the picture for several minutes before a thought struck me: This is the last time anyone ever saw this child. Thus, Charlie was born into my imagination.

The story captures one of my greatest fears, and probably that of every parent: losing a child. The manner in which how Charlie becomes lost leaves my stomach in knots, but I knew there wasn’t any way around it. Not for this story, at least.

I’m happy the editors at Emerge Literary Journal agreed.

See for yourself! Give “Charlie” a read here.

Take care, everyone. I hope your writing ventures are going well.

– Justin

Micro 2 Go

Microfiction readers:

  1. Are you constantly on the go?
  2. Do you enjoy snack-sized stories?

If you answered “Yes” to either question, it sounds like you might enjoy subscribing to Micro 2 Go. Here’s what you’ll receive if you decide to sign up:

  • Original microfiction delivered twice a week to your inbox.
  • Expect to see stories Monday/Friday mornings.
  • All posted content will remain free, forever.

Please feel free to check out my Substack page here.

I hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading,


“The World is Ending and I Forgot My Grocery List” is now published!

I have some exciting news!

The World is Ending and I Forgot My Grocery List” was published earlier today by Free Flash Fiction. I’m incredibly excited that this dark, quirky story has a home. If you have two minutes, please give it a read and let me know what you think!

All the best,