[13] An Early Arrival

“When did he get here?” the taller of the two men asked, pulling a hefty book off the shelf. “A few minutes ago.” “How’d he go?” “Plane, small-engine.” “Shit. All alone?” The shorter man nodded. “Yep.” “The fool — he’s early. Look.” He pointed at Gregory Donahue, D.O.D. — May 28th, 2064.

[12] Nothing Happened

Davey wandered barefoot along the abandoned railroad tracks behind his family’s trailer — almost stepped on a busted bottle of Jack. He walked until he stumbled upon an old, engraved sign in the woods: On August 17th, 1819, in this exact location, nothing happened. Davey snorted — almost laughed — then headed home.

[6] A Newfound World

After winter’s thaw, two young sisters muddied their sneakers as they hiked through the woods. One halted. “Forests are like libraries,” she whispered. “Why?” the other asked. “They’re quiet. And you can learn a lot here.” They walked on, fascinated by this newfound world — this beautiful discovery in their backyard.